Human remains found in search of fiancé Gabby Petito

Human remains have been found in a Florida swamp zone in a search for the missing Brian Laundrie. It‘s not yet certain if they belong to the 23-year-old Laundrie. He also found stuff near him. These include a backpack and a notebook.

In this case, which kept the mind busy for weeks in the United States, the dead body of Laundrie’s fiancee Gabby Petito was found in mid-September.

Laundrie and Petito had been on a tour of America since June. On September 1st, Laundrie returned to his parents‘ house alone. When asked where his fiancé was, he remained guilty of the answer.

Disappeared without trace

Laundrie disappeared on September 14 after telling his parents that he was going on a walking tour in a Sarasota nature reserve. Nothing was heard from him after that.

In September, we made this summary video about the missing case:

On September 20, a national park in Wyoming State on the other side of the country found the missing Gabby dead. She was killed by a crime, police say she was strangled weeks earlier.

The missing case led to a hype on social and traditional media. That shot many people in the wrong throat, who felt that a white young woman’s missing case received disproportionate attention in relation to hundreds of other missing cases, where the victim was not white.