Human smuggling organization that transported 700 migrants rolled up in Austria

In Austria, fifteen people have been arrested in recent days who are suspected of smuggling people. The group is said to have smuggled more than 700 Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian migrants into the country. Fourteen vehicles were also seized with which they were transported across the border.

Police began an investigation into the organization last month, which smuggled migrants to Austria from the Serbian-Hungarian border via Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The people smugglers traveled with twelve to fifteen people at the same time in cars and vans with darkened windows. To be able to bring more refugees, the backseats had been removed and the shock absorbers were strengthened.

The migrants, who mostly wanted to travel to Germany, were dropped somewhere north of Vienna. They had paid more than 4000 euros for the trip. In total, the organization earned 2.5 million euros with it.


Last week, several suspects were arrested while they were on their way from Hungary in fourteen vehicles with more than 200 people. The suspects come from Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. They also recruited new people smugglers via social media in those countries, who were offered 2000 to 3000 euros a month to control the cars and vans.

In checks in Austria, people smugglers are more often taken off the road with vehicles in which migrants are often packed close with little air. In October, during such a check, two deceased migrants were found in a van, which contained a total of 28 refugees. Police say they were dehydrated. In 2015, 71 migrants choked during a similar transport.