Humankind, Naraka: Bladepoint, Ixion, Pioner, Dying Light 2: what showed on PC Gaming Show

During the course of E3, the PC Gamer edition traditionally holds its own presentation. The PC Gaming Show broadcast focuses exclusively on games for personal computers. Tell us what we were shown in 2021.

At the time of release, Orcs Must Die Co-operative Action Action! 3 was a Google Stadia exclusive. But now it‘s coming out on Steam: it’s going to happen on July 24.

The Naraka Bladepoint trailer cited some figures pertaining to the game. For example, the maximum of online players was almost 150,000.

More than a million people participated in the testing of the game on Steam. Another open testing of the online battle royal will take place from 16 to 22 June.

And the release is set for 12 August. Details and details about Chivalry 2 were told by Torn Banner Studios founder Steve Piggot.

The game has already reached not only RS, but also on consoles. Sega and Amplitude Studios are preparing another beta phase of Humankind‘s global strategy.

It will run from 13 to 21 June and 50 different cultures will be available to players during the test. Five historical eras will be available with them.

The authors of Dying Light 2: Stay Human dedicated their performance to the story of the game’s main character, Aiden, and his personal motivations. At the same time we were told a little more about the game universe.

The game is released on December 7. Humble Games announced Dodgeball Academia.

In the course of Guerrilla Collective, we were told about new Rawmen modes. And now a funny trailer about what is a play.

Alawar Premium studio announced a two-dimensional platform shooter with parkour elements of They Always Run. In it, we are set to become a three-cringed mutant, headhunter.

The creators of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong revealed a new trailer for the game. Passion Republic Games has revealed a new trailer action film GigaBash, in which we have to battle giginat Kaiju.

Step-by-step strategy shooter Lemnis Gate is released August 3 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it has been announced Ratloop Games Canada and Frontier. Studio Floris Kaayk and publishing house Humble Games have announced Next Space Rebels, in which we are to build space rockets.

Let‘s start with naive home models and we can get to the very space. The game comes out this year.

Shiro Games introduced Wartales, an open-world tactical role-playing game. It is released this year and the demo will be shown during the Steam.

Independent publishing house Kasedo Games and Bulwark Studio, known for the turn-based tactics Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, anosili space opera Ixion. The game combines elements of urban planning strategy, survival and exploration.

The atmospheric adventure Far: Lone Sails will release a sequel: Okomotive announced Far: Changing Tides. In the game, we will change the fantastic steam machine to an equally fantastic ship.

The medieval life simulator Lakeburg Legacies is home to Ishtar Games, known for Dead in Vinland and The Last Spell. For Killing Floor 2, a new event is being prepared, Interstellar Insanity.

Players will hit a lunar research base and tryfind out why she stopped coming out of touch. Her game, Mech Warrior 5, was presented by the creators, Piranha Games.

The presentation was honored by Gabe Newell, Head of Valve. However, for the sole purpose: to be reminded that Steam’s Games to Be festival kicks off on June 16 โ€” previously called Steam Game Festival.

British Independent Studio Spiral Circus is working on the surreal underwater research game Silt. Again โ€” Hello Neighbor trailer 2.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 authors recalled that the game is coming out this year on RS and consoles. SoulStice is a fantastic role-playing adventure in which we will have the role of two Chimer sisters: only they are able to defeat ghosts and rebuild their hometown.

The game is out in 2022. Another game scheduled to premiere in 2022: Warhammer Chaos Gate.

New Blood Interactive Publisher promises to release grim stealth shooter Gloomwood. Russian studio GFA Games has unveiled a new trailer for the post-apocalyptic first person shooter Pioner.

Lumberhill lumberhill lumberhill brigade cooperative simulator is already available on Steam, and in a dead quarter the game will appear on Nintendo Switch. Arboria bagel is set to leave early access Steam.

The release of Chernoblyite is slated for July 28. Japanese role-playing game SacriFire is currently being held by Kickstarter.

And it is slated for release in 2022. The Icarus Survival Session Simulator is released on August 12, and pre-order reception has already started.

The new trailer showed the creators of the unusual The Wandering Village. We have already written about CD co-founder Projekt becoming an investor in Retrovibe, a new publishing house that is already running a number of games, specifically Project Warlock 2.

And now we can see what the sequel to a bloody first-person shooter looks like. Citizen Sleeper comes out on RS in 2022.