Humankind release postponed to August

Studio Amplitude was about to release its most ambitious project, the turn-based global strategy Humankind, on April 22. But in the plans of developers there were changes: the release was postponed to August 17. The game creators explain their decision with a lot of excellent reviews and standing offers, which the studio received from players on results of OpenDev sessions.

Developers analyzed them and realized that they can make the game much better, and for this you do not have to start everything at the beginning. Additional time the studio is going to spend on improving the availability games for beginners, improving the pace of development, balance adjustment, development of diplomacy and polishing artificial intelligence.

More information about planned changes can be found in the blog. And while the creators of the game shared statistics on the results of testing the Lucy script.

Its participants played it 26 thousand times, during that time making 2. 7 million moves.

They participated in 466,000 battles, and in 60% of cases the defending side won. And the fastest population of the worlds grew during the Neolithic era.

The studio also called bonuses for pre-ordering the game. Those who believe the developers will receive two sets of avatars as a gift: โ€œLucyโ€ and โ€œEdgar Allan Poe.

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