Humberto Tan pulls leather against KNVB: ‘Well, then you really lived in a caver’

After Ruud Gullit, Humberto Tan also blamed the decision of the KNVB not to introduce a social media boycott this weekend because of increasing racism online. The presenter out in conversation with DeccEit fierce criticism of the union.
The English football clubs came up with the initiative and are not active on social media from Friday 3pm to Monday 23:59pm. Later on, FIFA, UEFA and Formula 1 joined them. In Zeist, however, it remained silent. The reason: In England, the boycott is a logical next step, given the history of major public incidents, said a spokesman. We don‘t know that history here, and then a boycott comes out of nowhere.
Especially those first sentences are wrong with Tan, chairman of the Mijnals committee, which was founded by the KNVB in July 2020. Well, then you really lived in a cave! We are in the week of Mendes Moreira, Den Bosch Excelsior. We had an incident with Kallon, who was racist at MVV Camneighbor. We had a picture with players from Oranje, from the KNVB, with lots of racist reactions underneath it. And that the Football Association says: We don’
t know that history? Then you‘re part of the problem.
For Tan, there are no excuses to make for the union’
s response. It‘s a time when you can’t react alone anymore. Anticipate once, because then you show leadership. Leadership is shown by showing what you mean, not just by what you say. This action is also symbolic, absolutely. But if you want to tackle this topic seriously, you also have to be serious in your response. This is not a serious response.