Humiliating riot at Fortuna Sittard: Wants nothing to do with Ultee anymore

The goalkeeper soap at Fortuna Sittard has taken a new, bizarre turn: Sieb Dijkstra thought half a day on Wednesday that he was fired after a frontal collision with trainer Sjors Ultee. The experienced goalkeeper trainer feels humiliated.

Fortuna announced on Wednesday that Dijkstra is no longer the goalkeeper trainer of the first team and continues in the youth training. Behind the scenes a soap opera appears to have taken place, writes Voetbal International in a reconstruction, in which the protagonist himself speaks.
Ive never seen anything like this in my entire football course, says Dijkstra to VI. It all started with the injury of Yanick van Osch and the upcoming transfer from Alexei Koselev to Japan, so Fortuna had to urgently look for an additional goalkeeper. Dijkstra, former goalkeeper of Motherwell, Queens Park Rangers and Dundee United and a short time manager, scored his network and ended up with the clublush Tobias Knoflach.
Ultee and technical manager Sjoerd Ars did nothing with the tip of Dijkstra, took Piet Velthuizen on trial and gave the 34-year-old goalkeeper a contract after two training days. Velthuizen immediately stood under the bar against FC Groningen on Sunday, but dropped out after twenty minutes. Dijkstra already saw from afar that Velthuizen was not fit enough.
What I experienced after that beats everything, says Dijkstra. No dog ate bread from that. Sjors first said that there had been only three options: Joris Delle, Michel Vorm and Piet Velthuizen. That
s not right, I said. Sjors was angry right away: you shut up. Youre just listening. Im thinking, what is this, a bad movie? Suddenly there was a totally different Sjors Ultee than I knew. I dont know what was going on, apparently he was full of his emotions.
From that moment on, he kept humiliating me in front of everyone. He burned me down completely. It was terrible, and I was not allowed to say anything, continues Dijkstra, who was told that he had been fired immediately. After a
good, quiet conversation with general director Ivo Pfennings he could continue in the youth training program, but Ultee is no longer okay. I never want to have anything to do with that man again. Not with someone who humiliates me like that, in public. So you see what success can do to someone…