Hundreds of arrests around illegal gambling at EC football

In Europe and Asia, 1400 people were arrested last summer during the European Championship football who are linked to illegal gambling on games. Interpol international police organisation reports that 6.7 million euros have been seized.

Thousands of raids in Asia and Europe have found many computers and mobile phones. These are associated with illegal gambling worth 393 million euros.

โ€œWhile most of us looked at the European Union as fans, hundreds of specialist agents in 28 countries had their sights focused on organised criminal organizations that wanted to earn millions of euros from illegal gambling and money laundering,โ€ Interpol states in a statement.

Chinese mafia

Especially in Hong Kong, many people have been arrested, eight hundred suspects have been detained there. Among them is also reported to be the boss of a gambling syndicate led by the Chinese mafia. Almost 2.3 million euros have been seized. It is seen as one of the most successful police actions in Hong Kong.

1.3 million euros were seized in Italy. 280 gambling firms were monitored in the European Champion country.