Hundreds of arrests at protest marches in Istanbul

The Turkish police have arrested more than 200 people who, despite the severe lockdown, took advantage of 1 May to argue. Numerous demonstrators, including many students, had gathered in several places in the city of millions and wanted to go to Taksim Square.

The police managed to prevent this by picking up demonstrators on a large scale for ignoring the corona measures and closing down the square. There was only a permissible memorial meeting of a number of trade unionists.

Labour Day (1 May) is usually a day of protest against government policy on Taksim Square, but this year there is a strict lockdown. In Turkey, the strictest lockdown to date has just begun in the coronacrisis. The country needs 2.5 weeks almost completely locked.

Officially, May 1 is a day off and since its introduction in 1923 there have been great protests and violence on this day. In 1977 there was even a massacre when never outdated perpetrators opened fire on the May 1 event on Taksim Square, which was also commemorated on Saturday. The Turkish government has several times abolished Labour Day as a holiday day and has also reappointed the day several times in Spring and Flower Day and as it has been called since 2009: Labour Day and Solidarity.