Hundreds of jobs away at insurance company Vivat

At the parent company of Zwitserleven and the insurance company Reaal, employees may be dismissed in the coming years due to a reorganisation. Parent company Vivat wants to save thirty percent on costs, which is why 400 to 500 jobs will be cut in the next three years.

There are now 2,200 jobs at the company. The new owner of the group already warned that jobs are at risk.

Vivat was taken over by Athora earlier this year. The insurance branch was sold on to the NN Group, the company behind Nationale Nederlanden. 575 jobs will be transferred to the NN Group, but partly as a result of this merger, jobs will also be lost.

“It will be a completely different company,” says Bart Jochems of trade union De Unie. “It’s not unexpected, but it’s far-reaching for everyone it affects. It is still unclear exactly how many redundancies will occur. We want to know more about that. Fortunately, there’s a good social plan in place.”

State-owned company

The company will discuss the plan with the works council in the coming weeks. Later this year the company wants to start with the reorganization.

Vivat was still owned by the Dutch State in 2015. They sold the company to the Chinese company Anbang, but due to a corruption investigation the company got into trouble and looked for a buyer for the Dutch part.