Hundreds of migrants reach Spanish exclave Melilla after storming

Over 200 migrants reached the Spanish exclave Melilla in Morocco on Thursday. A group of an estimated 300 migrants stormed the fences. Some used hooks to climb up. Three Guardia Civil officers were slightly injured during the storming.

Local media report that its likely to be men of โ€œbelow the Saharanโ€; countries from southern Africa. The 238 migrants have been taken to a migrant center and have to be quarantined for the time being due to corona.

The men were cheering through the streets: from Melilla:

Two months ago, dozens of Moroccans managed to reach the autonomous Spanish city on the North African coast. The border security between Morocco and the Spanish area has recently increased considerably after thousands of Moroccans had previously moved to another exclave, Ceuta.

Spain was not happy with the Moroccan police action after the storms. Morocco previously received EUR 13 million from the European Union to guard the border. Ceuta and Melilla are popular among migrants from southern Africa. They hope to reach mainland Europe through the exclaves in Africa.

Here is Melilla: