Hundreds of people apply for vaccine research, participants receive 4700 euros

Many hundreds of Dutch people have come forward as test subjects to test the Janssen Vaccines candidate corona vaccine. Participants receive a fee of 4700 euros.

At both the UMC Utrecht and PRA Health Sciences in Groningen hundreds of test subjects have applied. At the LUMC there were already more than a hundred applications for the weekend. That’s what a spokesperson for Janssen Vaccines says.

A total of 135 Dutch subjects are receiving the vaccine, 45 in each centre. They take part in a so-called Phase 2a study. The aim of this study is to determine which dose produces the best immune response. The safety of the candidate vaccine is also examined.

Next Steps

Safety is already being investigated in Phase 1 research in Belgium and the United States. If the results are positive, there will also be a Phase 3 study with many thousands of volunteers in an area where the virus is in full circulation. This research will show whether the vaccine actually protects against an infection with the coronavirus.

Whether there are enough Dutch test subjects for the phase 2a study is unclear. “The vaccine is being tested in two groups, in people between 18 and 55 and in people over 65,” says the spokesman.

“During the research in Belgium we saw that the first group was quickly full, but that it took longer before we had enough older volunteers. We do not yet know if there are enough people at all locations for both groups. All applications will now be assessed”