Hundreds of people demonstrate against Moria government agreement

In Utrecht, some five hundred people demonstrated against the government‘s decision to take in one hundred refugees from the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos, which was largely destroyed by fire.

The demonstrators feel that the Netherlands and Europe are doing far too little for the 13,000 people in the camp. They are angry about what they see as the low number of refugees who are allowed to come to the Netherlands.

Moreover, they do not like the fact that this figure of one hundred is lower than the five hundred that the Netherlands wants to receive in 2021.

Watch the images of the demonstration here:

In park Transwijk in Utrecht were speeches by, among others, MEP Tineke Strik of GroenLinks and an Iraqi journalist who fled.

The foundation We Gaan Ze Halen is already sending a plane to Lesbos to be ready as the refugees who may have been selected for the Netherlands. “Besides emergency aid, only one thing is needed: an airlift from Lesbos to reception locations in Europe. So that’s where we start. The more support, the bigger the Dutch plane”, says the organisation.

The foundation has been taking action since 2016 to hold the government to the implementation of the European redeployment agreements for refugees in Greece and Italy. At the beginning of this year, the foundation resigned, but that decision was reversed after the fire in Moria.