Hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks found in raids

Thanks to a tip, the police found 202 kilos of illegal fireworks in a house in the Brabant Nieuwendijk (municipality of Altena) on Friday. Two men aged 26 and 28 who were present in the house were arrested.

The tip on the fireworks came in through Report Crime Anonymous. The police are linked to a drug lab that was also discovered two weeks ago at the Zandsteeg in that place. Since then, the police team Dongemond has invested in increasing the readiness of the inhabitants of Nieuwendijk.

After receiving the tip, further research was carried out and it turned out that it was a serious report, which led to action on Friday. Illegal fireworks were found in the house both in the attic and in the living room. The municipality of Altena is informed of the find and is an administrative performance.

Also in Monster a huge amount of fireworks was found. As a result of a report, an investigation was initiated in a house in Monster. Around 150 kilos of illegal fireworks were found there, including mortars.

Homemade fireworks

In a shed near a house on the Jagersweg in Vught the police found several boxes of heavy illegal fireworks on Friday night. Possibly tampered with it, reports East Brabant police. There may be homemade fireworks. A police explosive scout is investigating how dangerous the situation is. A resident has been arrested in connection with the find.

The police found illegal fireworks in both Poederoijen and Asperen on Friday. In Pooderoijen it was about 58 kilos. Thats where a 19-year-old suspect was arrested. In Asperen, 70 kilos of heavy fireworks were found in a garage. There, too, a suspect was arrested.

On Thursday, thanks to an anonymous tip, the police seized about 100 kilos of professional fireworks in a residential area in Zuidlaren. This was stored in a shed next to the house.