Hungarian Prime Minister Writes Referendum on Contested Anti-LGBTI Act

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán enters into a law that should protect young people in education and media from information about homosexuality and sex operations in a referendum to the people.

He wants to counteract the pressure that the European Union exerts to delete the contested law. In many countries in the EU, the law is seen as discriminating against LGBTIs.

Sixteen countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, issued a statement calling on Hungary to withdraw the law. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte called that law unacceptable and terrible.

Future of Our Children

But the conservative Orbán, in turn, says that the law is meant only to protect teenagers. In recent weeks, Brussels has clearly attacked Hungary because of its Child Protection Act. Hungarian laws do not allow sexual propaganda in kindergartens, schools, television and advertising, says Orbán in a video on Facebook.

He believes that the EU should not interfere with legislation in its country and that the Union is committing abuse of power. The future of our children is at stake, so we cant give up any ground in this matter, he says.

When the referendum is to take place, he did not say, but he did say five questions. Among other things, it asks whether Hungarians feel that sexual orientation workshops should be held in schools without them knowing in advance. Also, the Prime Minister wants to know if the population thinks children should be informed about gender reassignment, either – in Orbáns words – or that should be promoted.


Orbán says not to be afraid of the outcome of the public consultation. The Hungarian Parliament recently passed the law by a majority of 157 votes. The parliament has 199 seats.

The European Commission has not yet responded to the Prime Ministers plans. Earlier, Brussels sent a warning letter and threatened with sanctions, such as shortening EU grants.