Hungary prohibits’ promotion ‘homosexuality

The Hungarian Parliament has passed a law that should protect young people from information about homosexuality and sex operations. In practice, this means that education on these topics is being captivated. Human rights organizations have criticized the legislation, which they compare to the Russian ban on โ€œgay propaganda.โ€

Despite this criticism, the proposal went effortlessly through the parliament, dominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orbรกn‘s conservative Fidesz party. 157 parliamentarians voted for the law and there was only one vote against. Several opposition parties had already announced to boycott the vote.

Forbidden Books

The law states that material that โ€œpromotes gender identity deviation, gender changes and homosexualityโ€ should not be shown to people under the age of 18. That also has consequences outside the classroom. For example, some books may not be published later. Also, popular films such as Bridget Jones’s Diary and Billy Elliot can only be shown late in the evening, saying they are not suitable for young people.

The government sees legislation as a way to protect children, but critics speak of an attack on freedom of expression. Around 5,000 people demonstrated outside the parliament building on Monday. A demonstrator called it โ€œdisgusting that homosexuality is called in the same breath as sexual crimes.โ€