Hunter, Doctor and Tower in Little Nightmares II release trailer

The other day will premiere one of the most anticipated games: the platform adventure puzzle Little Nightmares II. Publishing house Bandai Namco recalled this with a release trailer. And at the same time announced that as of December 2020, sales of the original Little Nightmares exceeded three million copies.

The network began to appear reviews of Little Nightmares II. And they‘re pretty laudatory: the average score of a game on Meticritic is 84.

And how will the second part of the players, we will find out only on February 11: the game will appear on the RS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In Little Nightmares II there are all the same distortions and monstrous exaggerations that in full force unfolded in the previous game.

But the sequel to the 2017 original came out bolder and more refined. Built on a fairly simple idea, the game is nevertheless intriguing and addictive with excellent directing: puzzles and atmospheric moments are replaced by disturbing encounters with creepy Characters.

HardCore GamerLittle Nightmares 2 not only lives up to its name, but also improves almost every aspect of the first game. Some gameplay elements are not particularly pleasing, but exploring the horrifying world in company with Mono and Sixth brings a lot of fun.

The game can be recommended to any fan of surreal horror with emotional plot twists. True, after the ending you may have problems with snoo.

Gamewatcherlittle Nightmares II may well become one of the best games in 2021. Horror is steadily inflated throughout the adventure until the climax that will embroider the spirit out of you.

A series of puzzles creates a great balance between the linearity of game design and exploration possibilities. This game is capable of everyone: yes, it has something to scare, but with the help of trial and error method players of any level of training will cope with it.

Noisy Pixellittle Nightmares 2 does not revolutionize the genre platformer, but she wasn’t going to. In return, she gives us a journey into a miserable and beautiful world populated by the worst people you can imagine โ€” something like the social network Gab.

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