Hunting dozens of outbreak prisoners in Lebanon, five dead

In Lebanon, more than 60 prisoners have managed to escape from a prison. Five of them were killed when their stolen getaway car ended up against a tree while being chased.

The prisoners managed to escape early this morning by opening their cell doors in Baabda prison near the capital Beirut and attacking guards. โ€œNothing further has been disclosed by the authorities as to how this could happen,โ€ said TCCEIT correspondent Daisy Mohr. Security forces have deposed the area around the prison, writes state agency NNA.


โ€œ According to the authorities, 69 escaped prisoners were trapped in a cell complex near a police station. That is not Lebanon‘s most secure prison,โ€ says Mohr. According to her, this prison is not the biggest criminals in the country. โ€œBut, of course, you never know who’s in between.โ€

There‘s a manhunt going on for the prisoners. For example, cops searched the garden of a friend of Mohr’s. Lebanese in the prison area should stay home and keep the doors closed. The police managed to catch at least 15 prisoners.

In Roumyeh prison, the largest prison in the country, riots broke out earlier because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. In the complex it is overcrowded and circumstantial leave much to be desired.