Hunting new heavy-armed ex-military: this time in France

On Sunday morning, the French police started a manhunt in the Dordogne for a heavily armed French ex-military officer. Saturday night, the man opened fire on two members of the gendarmerie.

210 troops were deployed to hunt, including members of the Toulouse GIGN anti-terrorist unit and two police negotiators. Further reinforcements are still approaching. The region is detected by helicopters. Frédéric Périssat stated to news channel BFMTV that it would be an armed ex-military man moving quickly. “In addition, he does not hesitate to use his weapons,” he says. Local residents are asked not to leave their homes and not to move around.

The man would be about 30 years old. Around midnight, he took fire to his ex-partner and her new fiancée. He then found himself on the streets of Lardin-Saint-Lazar, and then shot two officers who were driving for the shooting. Their service vehicles were severely damaged.

The ex-military‘s name has not yet been released. He was under the electronic supervision of the police, wearing an anklet. It is not yet clear what weapons the man carries with him. At least the French media calls him “heavily armed.”

Jurgen Conings


It’s not the first ex-military officer the police are looking for. In Belgium, the hunt for the radicalized military Jurgen Conings is still in progress.