Hunting season is declared open: Way of the Hunter was released

In Way of the Hunter by Nine Rocks Games and THQ Nordic, players will have to become the new owner of the hunting lodge and explore the game world. The hunter simulator has reached the release, offering to 288 square kilometers of forest, fields and rivers. The developers promise to recreate realistic animal behavior and realistic ballistics for a better immersion in what is happening.

Otherwise, Way of the Hunter needs to look for traces of the presence of animals and blood stains, and when animals are found, try not to frighten them off and make a perfect shot. Or you can simply travel around the local world and explore it.

Way of the Hunter is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, and judging by the feedback from players on Steam, the game is not as good as it can seem on videos: the approval rating is only 65% . More on Gambling Leak: the new Tales From The Borderlands will be released on October 21 Gamescom 2022 will show the gameplay of Telltales noveltiesโ€ Expansionsโ€ Gotham Knights went to gold โ€” the main part of the development is completed.