Hurricane Laura reaches the U.S. Coast, hundreds of thousands of people evacuated

Hurricane Laura has reached the coast of the American state of Louisiana. Wind speeds of up to 240 kilometres per hour have been reported and the American weather service warns of a “storm tide you won’t survive”

“There are still people there and they are calling for help”, says the boss of a local police force. “But it’s impossible to get to them.” He hopes that the area can be reached later today, but according to him that could be difficult due to blocked and flooded roads.

Above the Gulf of Mexico, Laura had grown to category 4, the second highest, but above land, the hurricane has now subsided to category 2, but the danger wouldn’t have passed yet.

Enormous water mass

The National Weather Service warns of the enormous mass of water coming. “Most people can’t imagine the idea of a wall of water two stories high, but that’s going to happen,” meteorologist Benjamin Schott said at a press conference.

Laura reached the coast just east of the border between Texas and Louisiana, an almost flat area with many swamps. According to meteorologists, this allows the water mass to move almost undisturbed deeper into the country, possibly up to 60 kilometres.

Nearly 600,000 residents of Louisiana and Texas have been forced to evacuate, but some refuse to leave:

According to local government, at least 150 people are left behind in the area that is likely to be completely flooded.

The U.S. emergency service speaks of a sad situation. “We’ve done everything we can to persuade them to leave.”

President Trump last night called on the residents of the threatened areas to follow the government’s instructions: