Husband Claudia Pechstein puts Dutch ice skating coach aside

Skating coach Erik Bouwman will be put aside by the German Federation on 31 July. Or rather, he is dismissed by acting chairman Mathias Grosse. The temporary president, who hopes to be elected first man of the association (DESG) in September, is the husband of Claudia Pechstein, with whom the 47-year-old Bouwman has been fighting for several years.

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It was waiting for this development, because the 52-year-old Grosse has repeatedly stated that he is finished with the Dutchman. A league trainer who describes an application for the highest position within the league as a joke and who finds the most successful German speed skater Claudia Pechstein zum kotzen does not belong in this job, explains the interim head of the DESG sending Bouwman away in the regional newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine.


Around the World Cup Distances, the Groninger collided with Pechstein and her partner when he sketched in De CCeit what he considered to be the unworkable situation within German ice skating. In doing so, he razed the 48-year old speed skater to the ground. Everyone around the national team has to puke at her exaggerated friendliness towards the outside world. But we know there is an evil double agenda behind that mask. Pechstein is only interested in himself and has never done anything for the common good. It would have major consequences if Grosse were appointed, Bouwman predicted in February. And not for nothing.


Thirty-five-time national champion Pechstein reacted by holding Bouwman – whose work is appreciated by many others within the association – responsible for the poor state of German ice skating. Grosse then also announced that he would make short work of Bouwman.

That seems to be happening now. In order to convince the supporters of his good intentions in view of the board election (19 September), he promised to present a new main sponsor, should he be appointed chairman. Bouwman refrains from commenting, because lawyers are meanwhile busy contesting his resignation. It is better not to say anything now, he said on Thursday afternoon.