‘I am all in favour of a BeneLiga, we need to expand our market’

A BeneLiga: Vincent Kompany is ‘all for’. The trainer of Anderlecht sees it, but hopes that the smaller clubs will be compensated.

A BeneLiga has been discussed for years. By merging the Dutch and Belgian leagues, more top matches will be played and the gap with the major European leagues could be narrowed.
โ€œI am all in favour,โ€ says Kompany in La Tribune on RTBF. โ€œThe big teams will also create their own League and will continue to grow. We need to expand our market and allow our players, who also have quality, to improve themselves in a larger competition. Although one will have to show solidarity towards the smaller clubs.โ€
Kompany spoke similar words more than 2.5 years ago. โ€œIt is ridiculous that Anderlecht, Club Brugge and Standard Liรจge have the feeling that they cannot participate in FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. I do not understand that countries like Belgium and the Netherlands do not merge into a larger competition, where there is much more chance to create top European clubs in it.โ€