I Am Fish simulator is out on PC and consoles

Bossa Studios, with support from publishing house Curve Digital, released the adventure simulator I Am Fish on RS and Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. The game is available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. On Steam, it receives moderately positive reviews so far: it is recommended by 78% of purchasers.

Bossa Studios has managed to make a game that is both exciting, frustrating and questionable. The fish are pretty damn cute, the levels are artfully constructed, and most importantly, its one of those games that everyone can play.

You can show it to your grandmother and shell say, โ€œYes, my child, I understand. Fish, they need to be saved.

โ€ And thats great: although the game is single-player, the fate of the fish will leave no one indifferent. Well, you have to be a monster to leave them alone in your aquariums.

Rock, Paper, ShotGuni Am Fish is a wacky, fun, and sometimes torturous game, but its worth the time spent for those who dont freaks out. Deliberately crazy management and platforming are tricks that run wild when poorly placed checkpoints and stupid deaths negate all progress.

But in most cases, the game does a great job of balancing difficulty and rewards perseverance. Even after hundreds of humiliating failures, its charm will not fade all the way.

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