‘I am so ashamed, but Allegri is our coach and he will remain our coach’

Andrea Agnelli, the president of Juventus, is deeply disappointed with the current form of his team. According to the Italian driver, it is a shame for the club what the first team performs. Nevertheless, he remains confident in the trainer Massimiliano Allegri.
โ€œI‘m so ashamed of what our club is showing right now,โ€ Agnelli tells Sky Sport Italia after the lost match against Maccabi Haifa (2-0). โ€œIn situations like this, it’s not about one person. I am very upset, but I also know that you are playing a match with eleven players. You win and lose all together. It is a problem that the whole group must face. We apologize to the fans, because they are walking around with even more shame right now.โ€
Due to the fact that Agnelli thinks it is a group issue, he is not thinking about firing trainer Allegri either. Despite the series of bad results, the practitioner will simply remain in his post. โ€œAllegri is our coach and he will remain Juventus‘s trainer. It can’t be the coach‘s fault that we literally lose every game in the midfield.โ€
At the end of the year, Agnelli only wants to look at the situation regarding Allegri. โ€œWe always evaluate at our club at the end. It is a group of eighty to ninety people and we need to regain our mentality. That’
s the only way our team can show their qualities again.โ€

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli: โ€œMassimiliano Allegri is our head coach and he will stay,โ€ tells Sky Sport. ๐Ÿšจโšช๏ธโšซ๏ธ #Juventus โ€œI feel ashamed and angry… so in this kind of situation you can‘t blame one single person, it’s the whole groupโ€. pic.twitter.com/tcvKgyGFNT
โ€” Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) October 11, 2022