I asked Overmars: afraid that one thing will come up? Pat on the back and away”

Willem Vissers (De Volkskrant) and Martijn Krabbendam (Voetbal International) were allowed to speak to the director of football affairs ‘off the record’ after Marc Overmars‘ presentation at Royal Antwerp FC. Overmars did not address a bold question from Vissers.
Barely a month and a half after his rumored departure from Ajax, Overmars was already presented at De Bosuil. This was followed by an informal get-together. The Dutch press is the first to the champagne, Krabbendam laughs Monday evening in Voetbaltalk on ESPN. I’
m a Burgundian: when the Belgians offer me a glass of champagne, I‘m polite, Vissers hooks in with a wink.
At one point, Overmars also came in. Then he joined a group of Belgians and I stood there with a few colleagues, says Vissers. The Belgians told Overmars: we would like to interview you sometimes. Not knowing that Overmars never actually gives an interview. So I said to those Belgians: well, Overmars hardly ever gives an interview. At one point I also said to Overmars: Are you also afraid that in such an interview that one matter will be addressed? Then he gave me a pat on the back and walked towards a plate, with tasty snacks.
In the company of Krabbendam, he apparently felt better at ease. We were going to talk about football. We don’
t ask for that kind of thing, laughs the VI journalist.