“I believe Ajax is Bayern Munich and Manchester City level”

Ajaxs football show against Borussia Dortmund reminds Rob Alflen back to the early nineties. The former midfielder was part of the team of the Amsterdammers that began to conquer the world at the time.
I think who can stop this team? , Alflen tells the Algemeen Dagblad after the 4-0 battle of coach Erik ten Hag
s team. You know, its kind of a voyage of discovery. We had that too. We didnt know how good we were, but if you beat some top European clubs, youll surprise yourself and realize: were really good. Thats when faith grows. And thats what you see now. Ajax is just really good. In that voyage of discovery Ajax is very far now.
Alflen dares to dream big and doesnt even rule out the Champions League win. I know its easier said than done, and you shouldnt hit three big clubs in a row, but in my view it can happen. I believe Ajax is Bayern Munich and Manchester City level. They also barely let an opponent breathe.
Marciano Vink is a little more retaining. The ESPN analyst estimates five to six clubs higher. I think there
s Ajax underneath. But you can see shifts due to the many transfers. And weve seen how high the level Ajax can reach, while the whole of Europe is watching. If they get pretty favorable lottery tickets, as that remains a lottery, and staying fit, anything can happen.