I Dont Have a Home: Final trailer for Cobra Throw spin-off

The network features the final trailer for the โ€œCobra Throwโ€ spin-off, which tells the story of the bereaves past, nicknamed Snake Ize. The story tells how the hero once saved the heir of an ancient Japanese clan, and in gratitude taught the character about ninja receptions and tricks, as well as other secrets. .

However, peaceful life did not last long, because the housemates past overtook him โ€” and now the heros acquired abilities will need to protect the place that has become a new home for him. Robert Schwentke (โ€œREDโ€) is responsible for the production, and Henry Golding (โ€œGentlemenโ€) takes the lead role.

In the Russian rental, the picture is released on July 22. More on Ghiromania Fall Guys Jungle Season Five kicks off tomorrow Cinemas Blame Disney+ for a sharp drop in Black Widow fees Enthusiasts release second chapter of remake Half-Life: Blue Shift for Black Mesa.