“I dont want to be on television every week, not even with Johan Derksen”

Jan Boskamp will not return to the table with Wilfred Genee, René van der Gijp and Johan Derksen as a regular guest. For the primal Feyenoorder there was no longer a place in the new format of Today Inside and he fully understands that.
I no longer want to be on television every week, not even in the Netherlands with Johan Derksen. What should I do with politics in a football program? , says Boskamp to Het Laatste Nieuws. Everything has been said about the game. It may be a little faster today, but the field is still as big as it was twenty years ago. Then there is no room for revolutionary change. Im not going to mess with myself.
The fact that Boskamp has less need for TV performances has to do with the tragic loss of grandson Dennis (19), who left his life six months ago. I can
t give way to losing my grandson Dennis. It takes possession of my entire being. I havent come out for months, plopped from my bed into the couch. Unshaven. Nothing interested me anymore, not even football. After the death of my wife Jen, this is the second big shock of my life. Every day, Im still worried about myself: why Dennis? Tell me why.
There has been heaviness in my life, continues Boskamp, who is slowly trying to scrabble up. The other day, I laughed quietly about Johan. Not that I liked what he said about women kosher. Of course, you cant say that of that candle in a drunk woman. But I laughed because I saw him lie. That candle and that woman have never been. Johan sucked that story out of his thumb. To be tough and contrary.
For Boskamp itself, the region is beautiful. I spent ten years at Voetbal Inside, and I
m quitting that now. I cant get it anymore. I will join a football panel again, but not so systematically anymore.