‘I find 15 glasses of wine a week’

Less wines, wines, wines? Sommelier Maaike Kauffman-Kross (34, married) doesn‘t understand that trend. A life without it finds it truly unthinkable.

โ€œ Wine is not just my hobby, but my life. I like to taste new flavors, find the perfect wine with a dish. I’ve tasted thousands of them and it never gets bored. That‘s why I became sommelier. Wine is not only tasty, but also a form of relaxation and conviviality.โ€

โ€œ On every occasion I find a suitable bottle: a beautiful merlot at dinner, a fresh riesling in the sun. I have everyday wines, but also very special. For example, the Barbaresco Riserva Ovello from 2013, which we donated at my wedding. It cost 144 euros, catering purchase price, per magnum bottle. I really enjoy that, and not in moderation.โ€

Fifteen glasses

โ€œI try not to drink two days a week, but when I drink I have soil drift. It rarely remains at one glass. On average, I come to fifteen glasses a week. I think that’s easy, but according to the norm, I‘m an alcoholic or a binge drinker. You’re pretty soon these days. I see myself as a lover: if I don‘t drink a day, then I don’t miss it.โ€

โ€œ A lot of people are now working to cut down. Fine, but then they‘ll drink that bottle from the bonus at home, but they’ll leave that one glass in the restaurant โ€œfor health.โ€ It‘s a shame, because – after the lockdown – that’s the place to drink a nice glass. People go along with the hype and get into it a bit. Suddenly all the sulphites, the sulphur substances contained in wine, would be unhealthy. Nonsense! Too much is never good, but only to ban wine completely or just to the non-alcoholic wine? Not seen me!โ€

This piece is in the new WOMAN Magazine (every Saturday at De Cceit).