I just couldnt afford it anymore, thats why Im quitting football now

Peet Bijen has given additional text and explanation about his prematurely ended football career. The defender of FC Emmen is forced to quit at the age of 27 due to an ankle injury.
Bees battled an ankle injury for nineteen months. In the preparation, he played with Emmen again, but the defender was not fit. Now he‘s choosing to quit. โ€œOf course, I’ve seen this coming for a while,โ€ he tells TC/Tubantia. โ€œI made an agreement with people in my area and myself a while ago, that I wanted to do everything I could to return for six months. That‘s what I did. In that respect, I can’t blame myself at all.โ€
โ€œBut over the past few weeks, I noticed that I had more and more trouble recharging for rehabilitation training. And then comes the moment you start preparing for the end, when you have to be honest with yourself,โ€ continues Bees. โ€œI just couldn‘t afford it anymore. That’s why this is the best decision. It didn‘t work anymore.โ€
However, bees are not at their wits end now that he has to stop playing football. โ€œFortunately, there is more to life than football. My girlfriend and I are going back to Twente, back to the family. The advantage of football is that if you’
ve been a little economical on your money all these years, you can also get ahead for the time being.โ€ Bees is now studying psychology. โ€œYou could say that my student life is about to begin now. That is quite different from the tight football existence.โ€