‘I like to move it! ‘ Lemurs sing in the bar

Not only people and birds can sing in a certain rhythm, but also the maki-monkey can do this. A scientific study shows that.


I like to move it, move it, you may have heard King Julien sing in the animated film Madagascar. Not so weird that the creators chose a singing lemur. According to researchers, the lemur is a good singer.

The researchers travelled to Madagascar Island for twelve years each year. Here they recorded the song of the animals.

Singing Animals

That the lemur can sing in the bar is a surprise. Such a thing has never been discovered in any other kind of monkey or half-ape. Other animals have already been known to sing in a certain rhythm. Especially in birds, this is more common.

If you want to listen to what the lemurs chants sound like, you can hear that in the video below. One warning: dont expect I like to move it, move it.