I see it gloomy for Feyenoord, they dont even make the Conference League

Jan Boskamp doesn‘t think Feyenoord will make it to the Conference League. The analyst and outspoken supporter of the Rotterdammers is disappointed with the game of his team and sees it gloomy.
Boskamp was in RTL7′
s studio to pre-qualify for the Europa League semi-finals, but was also asked for the Conference League next season. He doesn‘t think Feyenoord will participate in that. โ€œDo you want an honest answer? I see it gloomy. Increasingly gloomy too.โ€
The stadium club can no longer please the former trainer. โ€œThere’
s nothing in it, it runs like a square,โ€ says a disappointed Boskamp. โ€œNo pleasure, no experience, no spirit, nothing. It‘s getting more and more gloomy.โ€
Ron Vlaar, who was also present in the studio, had recorded no longer to look at Feyenoord as a competitor. The gap between AZ and the Rotterdammers is six points. To make it to the Conference League, Lawyer’
s team must turn fourth or win the playoffs. Vitesse is now number four and two points ahead of the club of Zuid.

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