“I See Murders”: New Trailer Horror “Wicked” Authors

Warner Bros. unveiled a new trailer for the horror film Wicked, which was directed by James Wang (The Gaffe). The story is told about Madison (Annabelle Wallis), who sees extremely frightening nightmares with brutal murders.

It gradually turns out that these dreams are not a fiction, because in reality, a killer really violently cracks down on the victims. The heroine begins to study what is happening, but she also finds herself in danger — because this source of evil is approaching her own as well.

Wicked will premiere in Russian cinemas on September 9, and the tape will appear on HBO Max on the 10th of the day. More on Gaming Microsoft paid $100m for Rise of the Tomb Raider debut on Xbox Only All for Family: Crime comedy The Big Con is out on Steam Authors Dying Light 2 told about parkour, weapons and craft—an Igromania exclusive.