‘I take my hat off for Ten Hag, because a lot of managers are spit out here’

Club icon Rio Ferdinand is also doing a trick when it comes to Manchester United and Erik ten Hag. The Ajax trainer will be a trainer at Old Trafford next season, so much has become clear. Ferdinand calls Ten Hag‘s decision brave.
m taking my hat off for Ten Hag, because this is a risk. A lot of managers have been spat out here and he‘s on it right now. He is appreciated and seen as a very good trainer. He comes in and risks that. We’ve seen many managers with much more experience, who have won far more than Ten Hag, managers with great reputations. They came in here and spit out. And the players are still the same.โ€
Ten Hag is known as a people manager, but England is of a different order. โ€œHe has to find a way to manage the personalities and the egos. But what he has to do first is change the culture, bring a new culture and steer it.โ€
That Ten Hag has experience at Bayern Munich will do him well, according to Ferdinand. โ€œBayern Munich is a huge club, one of the largest in the world. He understands what it‘s like at a big club with enormous expectations, which will also be there at Manchester United.โ€
โ€œAnd most importantly, he’
s been around big players and seen in the background how they were treated by Pep (Guardiola, then trainer Bayern 1, ed.). So he has the experience of being around big players.โ€