‘I think Ihattaren wants to repay Ajax for the chance he got it’

Mohamed Ihattaren left a strong impression in the practice game of Ajax with SV Meppen. Ziggo Sport analyst John vant Schip is impressed.
โ€œHe wants to prove himself after such a difficult period. I think he wants to pay Ajax back for the chance he gotโ€, says Van
t Schip after the match. โ€œHe has had to come from far away, but the talent is there. Hopefully, he will follow it up.โ€
Vant Schip then mentions Hakim Ziyech. โ€œYou also saw at the end of the first half that Ihattaren gave a ball with the left towards Sontje Hansen at the second post, as Ziyech often did with Quincy Promes. It is a weapon if you have a back that can come out and Ihattaren can come in with his left leg, then shoot or hand the ball to the back. He can do that. In the beginning, he gave two balls that were just too hard for Klaiber.โ€

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โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) June 28, 2022