‘I think of Bozeník, which is an excellent pear for Cambuur. ‘

SC Cambuur must look for a new striker now that Robert Mühren has chosen a return to FC Volendam. Harry van der Laan has a tip for the PhD student: Robert Bozeník van Feyenoord.
The striker is the key position that will make a difference whether you stay in it or not, says the former player of Feyenoord and Cambuur to Omrop Fryslân. He foresees a difficult year for the team of coach Henk de Jong in the Eredivisie. I guess they‘re going to play football at the bottom six. They’re gonna have to play something else, because if you think you‘re gonna put Vitesse with your back against the wall for 90 minutes, you can forget that. That’s why I think Cambuur is greatly benefited from speed and depth.
I would look at players who fall outside the boat at the big clubs, continues Van der Laan, who refers to a rental period. And then I think of Bozeník of Feyenoord. This is not ready at the moment, but can develop well at Cambuur. He has walking power and is often in the right place. For Cambuur, he is an excellent striker.