I used to say tough when Ajax comes, you dont go. But you become less fan

Rotterdammer Thomas Verhaar will be on display in Amsterdam next season: the 33-year-old left-leg is working on his final weeks with Excelsior and continues his career at Second Division Club AFC. It‘s not the first time Verhaar has put on an Amsterdam shirt.
In the spring of 2019 he was active for the then Ajax Cape Town, which is now called Cape Town Spurs, but at that time was still a satellite club of Ajax. And so Verhaar suddenly played with an Ajax shirt around his body. “That was quite getting used to”, says the born Rotterdammer to the Algemeen Dagblad. “I used to say tough: when Ajax comes, I don’
t go there. But what many footballers say is true: when you play paid football, you become less supporters and more enthusiasts.”
However, there are also players who think differently, Verhaar discovered when he traded Ajax Cape Town for Excelsior. “Wouter Burger (then rented from Feyenoord, now rented to Sparta, red.) just joined Excelsior and the first thing he said was that I had to keep my mouth shut because I was wearing an Ajax shirt”, laughs the creator of the popular Cor Potcast, whom he and teammate Maarten de Fockert and Sparta colleague Bart Vriends is recording.

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