‘I was experiencing pressure against Vitesse, I wanted to show myself too much to the Netherlands’

Joshua Zirkzee explained why he deleted all his Instagram posts a little three months ago. The Dutch striker did that right after his wide spread miss against Ajax.
In preparation for this season, Zirkzee played an exhibition match against Ajax with Bayern Mรผnchen. The youth international had the chance to shoot his team at a 2-1 lead, but Zirkzee failed: he failed to hit the ball for open purpose. A day after the match against Ajax, the 20-year-old attacker removed all his posts and his profile picture from Instagram.
In conversation with Football International, he explains that. โ€œLet me insist there were messages that don‘t belong there. Nowhere,โ€ says Zirkzee. โ€œThen I turned it off for a while. Now only friends and friends of mine can comment on pictures.โ€
A few days after his miss, Zirkzee completed his rental transfer to RSC Anderlecht. The youth international started strong in Brussels, but could not leave its mark in the Conference League games against Vitesse. That’
s for a reason. โ€œI experienced pressureโ€, Zirkzee looks back. โ€œI was too eager to show myself to the Netherlands. I was too busy with that in my head.โ€

Zirkzee, what do you do?! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ The Dutchman of Bayern does Ajax a good service, but what will they think of this in Germany? ๐Ÿ˜ณ #ZiggoSport #Zirkzee #BAYAJA pic.twitter.com/GxRZxZZl1B
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