‘I was immediately impressed by Cossack Boys, I missed ambiance in KKD’

Kevin Vermeulen says goodbye to professional football after nine years โ€” at Excelsior, RKC Waalwijk and FC Dordrecht. However, he doesn‘t shed a tear about that, after an unhappy season at De Krommedijk.
Vermeulen lost his base spot under trainer Michele Santoni after the turn of the year. โ€œAfter that change in that game (Excelsior at home on December 18, ed.), I no longer had contact with the trainer,โ€ he tells the Algemeen Dagblad. The 31-year-old Boar Judge had to do it mainly with short falls and began to get the plague more and more. โ€œI went to the club reluctantly on a regular basis. And if you don’
t play, you start thinking about your future.โ€
Next season, he will be working for Cossack Boys, which has narrowly maintained itself in the Second Division after a long summer post-competition campaign. โ€œI saw Cossack Boys at work against DVS’33 and GVVV and was immediately impressed by the ambiance. I missed that many times in the Kitchen Champion Division. I’m really looking forward to playing in the Second Division.โ€ In addition, he will start a social career. โ€œI may be taking up my job at a window decoration company in Zwijndrecht again. I also worked there for my professional period.โ€
So that professional career lasted nine years and also brought him to the Eredivisie. โ€œI‘ve seen all the stadiums in the Netherlands,โ€ Vermeulen takes stock. โ€œSoon I had everything, because with Excelsior I played in the Eredivisie and with RKC and FC Dordrecht in the first division. Next season, I can see what it’s like in Werkendam, Katwijk and the Bulb Region.โ€