“I was not promised to be head coach of Feyenoord”

Feyenoord never promised Dirk Kuyt that he would be head coach in De Kuip. That rumor has been around for a long time, but Kuyt has been denied by Rondo.

Kuyt left Feyenoord two weeks ago and goes to work elsewhere on his trainer career. It was assumed that he would be ready to be head coach in De Kuip, but technical director Frank Arnesen doesn‘t think this is a good idea given Kuyt’s inexperience. Arnesen‘s predecessor Martin van Geel would have made Kuyt a promise. Kuyt denies.
I have a very good relationship with Martin. I learned a lot from him, says Kuyt. After Kuyt ended his career, he joined Van Geel for a year. At Quick Boys I was able to work as a trainer. I liked that. But Martin wanted me to do O19 if I wanted to continue as a trainer. Martin said, I think you could be head coach at Feyenoord. But Martin then left. It’
s been discussed, but no promises have been made. I want to get that out of the world. I was not promised to be head coach of Feyenoord.
Kuyt and Feyenoord recently agreed to a departure. There is no disagreement. My relationship with Dick (Lawyer, red.) is still excellent. I have to take my practice exam before coach paid football. That‘s what I’m gonna do to Dick, and that‘s what he wants. I have been a trainer of O19 and have been a year in the technical field. In consultation with the club I decided to develop myself outside the club. We agreed not to say anything about it.
A role as assistant trainer does not necessarily lie Kuyt. I’
m a type who likes to lead. You have to lie down to have an assisting role. In my last year as a player at Feyenoord I sometimes took the floor in the dressing room, while Van Bronckhorst was the trainer. I could be an assistant, but you need someone up there.

Ðÿ A preliminary end to the fairy tale of @Kuyt and Feyenoord. What went wrong? ‘That things didn‘t work out exactly as we hoped, that’s so (…) I‘m not the type of person to be in an assisting role. ‘ #Rondo #ZiggoSport pic.twitter.com/Uviku17tof
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