I was the best player at Jong Ajax, but didnt get a chance. That gnawed at me

Naci รœnรผvar is determined to break through permanently at Ajax next season. The dribbler went through a rock-solid year at Jong Ajax, but did not appear for a moment in Erik ten Hag‘s plans. It didn’t like the nineteen-year-old talent.
At the age of sixteen, รœnรผvar made his first appearance in the main force as the third youngest debutant in club history. Three years later, the counter is on three official duels, while he was involved in 28 goals in the Kitchen Champion Division last season. โ€œThat gnawed at me,โ€ he has recorded by the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œBased on my statistics, I was the best player at Jong Ajax, but it was not allowed that I joined the first selection once. I had hoped for more opportunities, yes. I also talked to the people around me about it a lot.โ€
รœnรผvar does not like a rental period. Next month he signs a new commitment at Ajax, which connects him to the club until mid-2026. โ€œI want to keep going. I have to seize the opportunities I get with both hands,โ€ says the midfielder-cum-outer player, who worked his way around in the gym. โ€œThat‘s not possible if you’re not top fit. I did everything I could to do.โ€
โ€œIt‘s just going to gnaw when you see other guys get opportunities,โ€ รœnรผvar looks back at last season. โ€œOn the other hand: I joined Jong Ajax when I was sixteen. I turned 19 two weeks ago. I don’t need to be in a hurry yet. It‘s normal. It’s part of it. And mentally, it made me stronger. Will this be my season? That‘s what I’m going for.โ€