‘I would have preferred to go to Barรงa from Ajax, that is left away for small group’

The surprise was big when Ricardo van Rhijn showed up at FC Emmen this summer. However, the defender indicates that it was a very conscious choice to start working at De Oude Meerdijk.

โ€œA surprise? Some people will say that, but for me, it‘s a very conscious choice. One that I fully support,โ€ he starts talking to DeccEit. Van Rhijn played interlands for Oranje and came to more than a hundred matches in the shirt of Ajax. After his transfer-free departure at sc Heerenveen last season, he hoped for an adventure abroad. There was interest from Greece, Israel and France, but the right club wasn’t there.
โ€œEveryone knows I was hoping for that, but Corona has had its impact on the football world,โ€ continues Van Rhijn. โ€œAt some point you notice that it is becoming a bit quiet on the market, both in general and in yourself. Those are nervous moments. Then you think: it‘s time for clarity now, because that gives peace.โ€
FC Barcelona from the Johan Cruijff ArenA to De Oude Meerdijk. It is a remarkable career path for Van Rhijn, which indicates that there was more in it. โ€œThat’
s right, you could say that. But this is the path I‘m walking now. Of course I would have preferred to go to FC Barcelona from Ajax, but that’s for a small group. I should be glad to be able to play football at this level at a fun club.โ€