IAEA: Iran has ten times more enriched uranium than agreed

Between May and August, Iran increased its supply of enriched uranium by more than 500 kilos to a stock of 2105 kilos. That is ten times more than allowed in the atomic agreement that the country concluded in 2015 with international superpowers such as the US and Russia.

The figures come from the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA, which monitors compliance with the agreements made in 2015. Iran believes that it no longer has to comply with the agreement, because the US withdrew from the agreement in 2018 and killed an Iranian general in Syria at the beginning of this year with a rocket.

The IAEA also announced that, after long urging, Iran had allowed inspectors to enter a secret location. The IAEA suspected that nuclear material was being stored there. Whether this is true was not disclosed. Next month inspectors will be allowed to visit another such location.

Own atomic weapon

The 2015 nuclear agreement was intended to prevent Iran from building its own nuclear weapon. In exchange, the international sanctions against Iran would be phased out. Iran has always said that its nuclear programme is intended for peaceful applications. The U.S. does not believe this and assumes that Iran is secretly working on a nuclear bomb after all.

The other signatories (the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China and the EU) regret the American step. They want to stick to the agreement, because then Iran will have to continue to admit IAEA inspectors.