Ibrahimovic open to Johnny de Mol: ‘Every morning I have a hard time’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks with Johnny de Mol about the challenges he has to face as a forty-year-old top football player. The Swedish striker reveals that he hasnt been playing pain free for several years.
Ibrahimovic recently released a new book. The story is about aging, among other things. De Mol notes on behalf of HLF8 that Ibrahimovic is
very vulnerable . โ€œI thought I was Superman,โ€ AC Milans attack leader responds. โ€œAt a certain age, I found out Im not: I have to pay much more attention to my body than I used to.โ€
โ€œEvery morning when I wake up, the first five to ten minutes are hard,โ€ Ibrahimovic continues. โ€œI have a regular routine in the morning and try to stay as fit as possible so I can stay at top level. From the age of 30, the pain no longer goes away, but it moves in your body.โ€
Ibrahimovic has had to miss multiple games due to injury this season. Nevertheless, the 121-fold international is still active as an international and in the top of Italian football. In Serie A context, Ibra accounted for eight goals and two assists in eighteen duels this season.