IC nurses not yet involved in scaling up

Hospitals involve Intensive Care nurses far too little in the necessary expansion of IC capacity. A survey carried out by the V&VN professional association revealed that 70 per cent of IC nurses were not asked to discuss scaling up, although this was explicitly agreed. The majority is therefore dissatisfied with the state of affairs. 588 IC nurses took part in the survey.

In the scaling up plans, it has been agreed that hospitals will focus on greater participation of IC nurses, better terms of employment, more appreciation and career prospects. This should prevent colleagues from leaving and help them to cope with a possible second wave.

IC foreman Diederik Gommers has also said time and again that participation is very important. Only one in five IC nurses now indicates that a nurse in their department is part of the policy team.


Rowan Marijnissen, chairman of the V&VN department of IC nurses is worried: We are working very hard and steps are really being taken. I also realise that it’s a short day, and that you can’t expect everything to be well organised in such a short period of time. But the agreements we made about more appreciation, career prospects and control must be implemented if we are to be able to scale up. Many colleagues are tired and miss the appreciation. That demotivates them and that worries me a lot

Three-quarters of the IC nurses see that the hospitals are hard at work recruiting and training IC nurses and supporting colleagues. Almost two-thirds also think their IC department is better prepared than in the spring.

However, just over half see a lower staffing level in their department than during the first wave. Almost 30 percent still do not feel sufficiently rested to be able to cope with the care during a possible second wave.