Ice skating association ISU wants to ‘bubble’ in the Netherlands for first WB matches

The international ice skating federation ISU has taken the first four World Cup weekends of the season off the calendar. As an alternative, the association is investigating the possibility of creating a ‘bubble‘ in the Netherlands, as is happening in the Tour de France and in some major sports in America.

The matches were scheduled for November and December in Poland, Norway, the United States and Canada. Travelling between these countries is not wise because of the coronapandemic. It is still unclear when the skaters will enter the World Cup circuit

It is not inconceivable that the bubble will be created Thialf in Heerenveen to organize the cancelled World Cup matches there.


The first two World Cup matches in the short track have also been cancelled by the ISU. The matches were scheduled in November in Canada. It remains to be seen whether the subsequent World Cup games in South Korea and China will be able to continue.