Iconic ‘Dutch’ cottage La Palma loses battle

The cottage that escaped the devastating lava flow on La Palma and thus became world famous, was built by a Dutch woman. The bad news: the cottage is still destroyed.

That reports CCeit correspondent Rop Zoutberg from Spain, after talking to photographer Alfonso Escalero.

The image Escalero made from the sky went viral. In the midst of a gently waxing, all the black mass lava in its way, the cottage, like a kind of Gallic village, remained standing on its feet, still in the El Paraรญso region, near the volcano.

But the cottage has lost the death battle, writes photographer Escalero on Facebook. โ€œIt has been confirmed that the house of hope is no longer here,โ€ he writes. โ€œWell be looking for a new sign that will keep you hopeful in these difficult days.โ€

The cottage would have been built by a Dutch one day for a Danish couple.


The lava flow on La Palma has now reached the sea. That moment was feared. It can result in toxic fumes and explosions. In fact, television footage showed how white steam rose from the coastline near Playa Nueva.


the meantime, the volcano continues to spew fire, with a dark bullder. According to Zoutberg, who is on La Palma, there are explosions. โ€œIt looks like an air bombardment every now and then.โ€