‘Idiotic streek’: swan gets stocking over head

The British police are looking for people who have seen who have pulled a stocking over the head of a swan.

The animal was found in a water in Lincoln. According to local authorities, this has been a planned area. The stocking fits snugly and is pulled down far over the neck. โ€œWithout intervention, the animal would have had a long suffering, inevitably resulting in death, be it by suffocation or hunger,โ€ said the police or Facebook.

According to a British animal welfare spokesman, it goes even further than just bullying swan. โ€œIt is the season for nests and young animals. This could not only have meant the end of the adult swan, but possibly also of any dependent offspring.โ€

Police and animal protection hope that witnesses report to the animals abuse. โ€œFor this must not pass unpunished.โ€