‘If ADO Den Haag does not comply with this, the KNVB will revoke the licence’

ADO Den Haag secured the first period title in the Kitchen Champion Division on Friday, but is still on topfall. Football International holds a letter from the Hague City Council, which shows how high the financial need of the Residence Club is.
ADO has already been deducted three game points twice this season. These did not apply to the stand in the first period, but on the regular rankings the Eredivision degradant has fallen down to place eight. The club has been trying to find an investor who wants to guarantee debt and budget deficits for a long time, but has still failed to do so and has now turned to the local government.
VI quotes from a letter from Mayor Jan van Zanen to the City Council. ADO is calling for Financial Support Management this time. The reason for this is because the KNVB demands a closing budget or a guarantee of โ‚ฌ5.1 million before 1 November 2021. ADO indicates that it does not see a solution itself within this time frame. Exciting weeks are now coming for the club: clarity will need to be made before the end of the month. โ€œIf ADO does not meet this requirement, the KNVB will revoke the license and ADO will no longer be a paid football organization.โ€
However, Van Zanen announces talks between ADO and the City Council. The next few days we will be actively speaking with ADO to gain full transparency in finance. Should these consultations show that a future-proof business is possible, we will see, within the existing regulations, whether and how we can respond to ADOs request for financial support.