“If Ajax had played the final against someone else, I would have been for Ajax.”

Theo Janssen hopes for granted that Vitesse will win the cup on Sunday. The Arnhemmers play against Ajax, a club where the former midfielder also played, but there is no question of mixed feelings.
Janssen hopes wholeheartedly that Vitesse can hold up the pine cone. Thats clear, he says in an interview with Ajax Showtime. I grew up with Vitesse, have always been a supporter and have played there for most of my career. Of course I played with Ajax for a year and if Ajax had played against someone else, I would have been for Ajax. Only now it is clear that I am following Vitesse.
The analyst of DeccEit and RTL gives
his Arnhem club a good chance of winning cup because it is highly motivated. For Ajax its a snack on the way to the title and thats the difference. For Ajax, the title is the most important and the cup is a prize they want to win, while for Vitesse winning the cup is an absolute prize. The season of Ajax did not succeed or did not succeed with winning the cup and I think that plays a bigger role with Vitesse.
Many goals are in any case desired in the Janssen house. I hope for an exciting match with many goals. I often don
t like watching finals, but lets hope we get a nice finale with many goals.